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Proper Medicaid Planning May Permit Keeping the Home in the Family (as Published in Estate Planning)

This article of mine was published in the April 2001 issue of Estate Planning. (Note to reader: The Medicaid lookback/disqualification laws changed to 60 months on 2/8/06, after this article was published; otherwise, the rest of the article remains valid.) Many aging clients are concerned that, after a lifetime of hard work to acquire and maintain […]

A Question for Elder Law Attorneys: Could It Be Legal Malpractice to Ignore Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance Is a Necessary Option to Consider. Many elderly clients initially think they are somehow benefiting themselves by engaging in the impoverishment aspects of Medicaid planning. Attorneys should make it clear to clients that long-term care planning, which involves Medicaid (known as MassHealth in Massachusetts) issues, can sometimes be nothing more than inheritance […]

Deathbed Estate and Tax Planning

When Death Is Imminent, Some Quick Moves Can Make a Great Deal of Sense. Deathbed Income Tax Planning Capital losses should be recognized via sale, as they will be lost upon death. A conversion of a qualified plan or IRA to a Roth IRA should be considered to allow future tax-free accumulations for the beneficiaries. Post-death medical […]