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Executing a Health Care Proxy under Massachusetts Law

If you are at least 18 years of age you can execute a Health Care Proxy, appointing someone to be your “Health Care Agent.” Under this law, which became effective in Massachusetts on December 19, 1990, your Health Care Agent will be empowered to make health care decisions for you, if and when a physician […]

Basic Issues about Hospice Care

Hospice is an alternative to the traditional medical care near the end of a patient’s life, as the goal changes from attempting a find a cure to keeping the patient comfortable. Hospice care is palliative care that focuses on keeping a dying person as pain-free as possible immediately prior to death. Medicare Part A and most insurance plans cover hospice care. […]

Deathbed Estate and Tax Planning

When Death Is Imminent, Some Quick Moves Can Make a Great Deal of Sense. Deathbed Income Tax Planning Capital losses should be recognized via sale, as they will be lost upon death. A conversion of a qualified plan or IRA to a Roth IRA should be considered to allow future tax-free accumulations for the beneficiaries. Post-death medical […]