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Using Long-Term Care Insurance to Cover the MassHealth Disqualification Period

Buying Insurance for Temporary Reasons Can Keep a Disqualifying Transfer from Becoming a Problem. Many persons do not become aware of long-term care financing issues (including MassHealth transfer restrictions and the lack of coverage of long-term health care by Medicare and other health insurance) until it is too late to engage in anything other than […]

Last-Minute Medicaid Planning in Massachusetts

Even After a Nursing Home Stay Has Begun, Some Asset Protection Planning Can Still Be Done Lookback and Disqualification Periods. Many persons, including some who are rendering advice about Medicaid law, seem to misunderstand the Medicaid lookback period. The lookback period is not the same as the disqualification period. When a Medicaid application is filed, […]

A Question for Elder Law Attorneys: Could It Be Legal Malpractice to Ignore Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance Is a Necessary Option to Consider. Many elderly clients initially think they are somehow benefiting themselves by engaging in the impoverishment aspects of Medicaid planning. Attorneys should make it clear to clients that long-term care planning, which involves Medicaid (known as MassHealth in Massachusetts) issues, can sometimes be nothing more than inheritance […]