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Attempting to Receive Retroactive Medicaid Benefits

In Massachusetts, Medicaid coverage of nursing home costs is obtained by filing a MassHealth long-term care application. Coverage under a MassHealth application can be retroactive to the first day of the third month prior to the application. Based on the date that MassHealth is needed, in many cases you must keep the original application alive. […]

Nursing Home Occupants Are Not Patients; They Are Residents Who Have Extensive Rights

Approximately 20% of all persons who die every year are residents of nursing homes. Since a nursing home is the last place of residence for such a large percentage of our population, it is very important that all of the rights of nursing home residents be upheld. Federal law requires that a nursing home must […]

Steps to Take to Resolve Disputes at Nursing Homes

In long-term care situations, there are numerous opportunities for misunderstandings to occur and disputes to arise. Some of these could be the quality of the food, bothersome roommates, lack of privacy, insufficient occupational therapy, or the expected quality of attention and care given residents. None of these concerns should be dismissed lightly because they greatly […]